All About Tiny Flutters and Kicks

Welcome to Tiny Flutters and Kicks!

This site is an online resource for pregnant women and their families and anyone with an interest in pregnancy and newborns. There’s an eclectic mix of funny tales and pro tips to help you make the most of this exciting time in your life! You’ll also find reviews of products I think may be of benefit to you. Please note that I will always provide honest reviews and only recommend products I believe can help make your life easier.

Tiny Flutters and Kicks is written by a UK midwife currently practising within the NHS. With more than 10 years experience in midwifery, I offer a unique perspective from the pregnancy care arena and have collated many years of hints, tips and tricks from midwives and mothers into one easy to find blog!


About me

I’m Kathryn, a midwife, blogger, gardener and guinea pig enthusiast. I’ve worked in hospital and community settings within my midwifery career, in both city and rural areas. I am passionate about giving women accurate and up-to-date information about pregnancy, birth and babies. I know how difficult it can be to live up to society’s expectations of glowing pregnant ladies and totally together mums and I aim to provide a voice of calm and reason for the realities of life rather than the rose coloured ideal.

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