Antenatal classes available online

Are you looking for antenatal classes? Have you got a million and one questions about pregnancy, birth, postnatal recovery and babies? Do you feel you have missed out on the camaraderie of getting to know other families expecting babies at a similar time to you? Have you been considering hypnobirthing but worry that you’re not the right sort of person to use it?

Tiny Flutters and Kicks antenatal classes are for you!

Held online via Zoom, each class is led by Kathryn, a fun, friendly and experienced midwife working clinically in the NHS. Known for her down to earth, factual and non-judgemental teaching, Kathryn will make sure you feel comfortable and confident to interact and enjoy your class. You will have the opportunity to chat with other couples about your experiences and build connections.

Why Choose Our Antenatal Classes?

Interactive approach. These classes give you an opportunity to chat to a real midwife and other families. No pre-recorded videos means you can ask the questions that matter to you! Similarly, connecting with others while learning also makes this a very rewarding experience.

Class sizes are small. With no more than 8 couples per class you will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions as the class proceeds.

Flexibility. Because you can choose from 3 styles of class, you can choose the speed and style that’s right for you.

  1. Standard: 10 hours of teaching held in weekly 2 hour long evening sessions once a week for 5 weeks. Great if you have plenty of time before baby is due and you can commit to 5 weeks of regular classes.
  2. Speedy: 10 hours of teaching is split between 2 Saturdays. 5 hours teaching on each Saturday means you can complete the whole course within 8 days! If taking just two Saturdays suits you and your partner better, then this class is for you.
  3. Succinct: 8 hours of teaching all in 1 day. Intense but brilliant if you are short on time. The teaching is the same as the Standard and Speedy classes. However, some aspects of the class such as discussions and feedback will be shortened.

Hypnobirthing included in the course! We think everyone should have the tools and skills hypnobirthing offers. That’s why we include the teaching within the antenatal classes. You also get 5 birth relaxation and preparation audio tracks free to download. Listening regularly will help you practise the beneficial skills of deep relaxation and focus that are the basis of hypnobirthing. That means no extra cost for nearly 2 hours of guided meditation!

Up to date and evidence based. All information provided is checked against national recommendations and professional guidance such as that from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

What is Included in Our Classes?

Because each class is interactive and based on the needs and questions of the people present, we can’t give you an exact timetable. However, here is a list of the topics that will be covered during your class.

  • Place of birth options, choices and benefits.
  • How labour starts and when to call the maternity unit
  • Coping strategies and pain relief options
  • The phases of labour and mechanisms of birth
  • Normal birth
  • Induction and Augmentation of labour
  • Assisted deliveries
  • Caesarean sections, planned and unplanned
  • Fear, Tension, Pain cycle
  • How focussed breathing and deep relaxation can help
  • Role of Birthing Partners
  • Making any birthing experience a positive one
  • Postnatal recovery and healing
  • Immediate postnatal care for you and baby
  • Discharge home and community support
  • Emotional and mental health following birth
  • Changing relationships following birth
  • Feeding your baby by breast, bottle or both
  • Sleeping, settling and routines
  • Common new-born baby problems
  • First developmental milestones
  • Sources of support

Need more convincing?

Firstly, we email you a printable version of our birth affirmations posters so that you can put them around your home in order to keep you focussed on a positive approach to labour and birth. You also receive a pdf copy of our ‘Tiny Flutters and Kicks Mini Guide to Labour’ which contains a summary of all the information included in the classes for you to refer back to at any time..

Secondly, for every class we run, we donate 10% of our fees to the UNICEF fund, providing essential supplies to midwives, mums and babies in the developing world.

UNICEF gifts chosen include ‘Help deliver a baby’, which provides essential midwifery equipment to health care workers, HIV tests for 50 mums and babies, birthing beds or fetal stethoscopes. For more information, please visit the UNICEF shop to see for yourself what your money contributes to.

What does it cost?

Standard and Speedy classes cost £200 for you and one birthing partner. Succinct classes cost £160 for you and one birthing partner.*

To find out more and book a course, please contact us on our contact page.

Upcoming Classes and Dates

February 2021

Standard classes: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th February and 4th March – 7.30pm – 9pm Spaces available

Speedy classes: 6th and 13th February – 9.30am – 2.30pm Spaces available

Succinct class: Date to be confirmed

* Cancellations: Cancellations must be made by email or phone. If you cancel your booking over one month before the class start date a full refund will be given, minus a 10% non refundable deposit to cover administration costs. When cancelling your booking within one month of the class start date, no refund will be given except under exceptional circumstances. However, if we cancel the course a full refund will be given.